7 techniques that improve online security in your company

shutterstock_15545653Network administrators looking to improve online security in their company, often turn to software solutions that carry out audits and automate some security processes. The use of security software and tools can make surfing the Internet safer, protecting users from vulnerabilities that may exist in the operating system or the browser in their computer.

Below you can read some of the benefits companies have by using web security software:

1) Automatically block malicious content Compromised sites may result in compromised user workstations. Whether a malicious code or a media file tries to access your network, security software can detect and block malicious data before they arrive in the user’s browser.

2) Scan downloaded files for malware Users often use the Internet to download files, programs, music or screensavers. A security software can control these downloads by using anti-malware techniques, so as to ensure maximum protection for users.

3) Support Acceptable Use / appropriate content policy Security software can block access to sites containing inappropriate content, during working hours, which helps users avoid security policy violation or other acts that may affect other users.

4) Monitoring HTTPS connections Many times, HTTPS is used to avoid filters and proxies, because they cannot control the content of encrypted web traffic. Top security software may have a PKI to control even the content that passes through HTTPS, while still protecting confidential data.

5) Bandwidth controls can prevent negative impacts to critical applications Security software can also strengthen bandwidth limits when users browse, so an online shopping site, an e-mail system, etc., of a company won’t perform poorly due to delayed access to the Internet.

6) Block phishing websites Every day we hear about data breaches in companies because of a phishing attack that has targeted an unsuspected employee. Security software can stop such attacks against users by blocking access to phishing websites.

7) Exception is the rule The best software for Internet security should use a combination of security mechanisms, such as directories, white lists, black lists, etc., for controlling access to the Internet, which also will allow network administrators to create exceptions and their own rules according to the company’s needs.