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Cyber crime is becoming ever prevalent in our society. More and more, companies and individuals rely on the services and resources provided through networks and computers. Computers can be used in virtually any type of crime, ranging from cyber-stalking and child pornography to financial fraud, espionage and terrorism. Retrieving the computer records necessary to solve these crimes is complex and highly technical, and must be done in a manner that ensures that the evidence can be used in court.


It is very important since some of the most important evidence may be stored on a suspect’s computer.

The problems that online users face today when it comes to identity security are immense. The truth is that most people are simply not aware of the dangers they’re in by doing business and accessing online destination without the proper protection in place. Trust-IT’s Investigators focuses on tracking and tracing all possible leads to resolve cases of post internet identity theft, spamming, internet abuse, Password trafficking and internet crimes among many others.

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