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  • Penetration Tests

    Trust-IT offers specialized information security services, including network penetration testing, web application assessments, vulnerability analysis, social engineering, architecture review and source code review. Trust-IT Security experts utilize the latest attack techniques and technologies used by malicious hackers in order to identify and isolate exploitable security vulnerabilities and to expose potential entryways to sensitive data.

  • Secure Integration Services

    Trust-IT’s Secure Integration Services provide a combination of unparalleled security expertise with proven processes and program management in order to provide our clients with comprehensive enterprise security solutions.Trust-IT’s range of solution spans the enterprise security space, primarily aiming at establishing a continuous, iterative process of strategizing, planning, deploying and maintaining security solutions.

  • Computer Forensics Services

    Trust-IT’s computer forensic examiners are certified investigators of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice capable to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what actions were executed on a specific computer and who was responsible for those actions.A computer forensics investigator is not an IT technician. Years of training and development is standard.

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