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If you suspect that your organization has become the victim of security breach, it is important to act fast. You must react quick enough to contain the breach before it leads to the compromise of crucially important data. Many companies have crisis management plans to cover natural disasters or unexpected employee concerns. However, it is also important to be prepared to handle information security incidents before any occur.

If a network has been the unfortunate target of an internal or external attack (hack), Trust-IT’s incident response team can be there on-call 24-7, responding quickly and appropriately. Trust-IT’s CIRT team captures and isolates evidence, while restoring services efficiently preservation of evidence is vital to assess the extent of damage while locating the cause to mitigate the incident properly.


A well-executed response can reveal the true extent of a compromise and prevent future occurrences. Steps are taken to insure the evidence is preserved for possible litigation or legal compliance.

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