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Trust-IT’s Research & Development department has learned how to search, listen, feel and focus on cliental needs before developing. Specialized to cooperate with all possible fields of IT in order to develop the right tools for the right situation, Trust-IT’s team, provided with the appropriate assets, differentiates from other companies. Our R&D team is well known throughout the community’s surface for the published material, but is better known for the unpublished (zero-day) exploit code and automated tools, developed gradually among years of experience.

Trust-IT’s partnership with many of the top penetration testers & researchers around the world is a great proof of continually exchanged knowledge, leading the research and development fields steps ahead. Along with the zero day exploit code and tools comes the zero day – next generation defense software. We have developed pioneer techniques and tools that will ensure your company’s safety even from the most complicated and advanced hacking techniques.

The way our team operates and cooperates with other fields by hourly-two ways sending feedback is a point of supremacy. That is when you can claim to provide ultimate level of security, by having already reached the ultimate level of cooperation and ethical hacking techniques & tools development. Knowing better than anyone else how to break into a system, gives you the privilege to secure it best.

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