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Trust-IT’s Secure Implementation Services deliver outstanding design, implementation, and integration services. Trust-IT has extensive experience across many products, along with a thorough understanding of best practices for configuring them to interoperate with minimal risk. This provides a high degree of protection in high-threat environments. Trust-IT’s Secure Implementation Services include real-time security event monitoring systems, vulnerability scanning systems, IDAM Systems and Directory Services.

Trust-IT can provide a range of Directory Server solutions dedicated to any of the applicable industry verticals like Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Telecom etc. Directories are becoming integral part of any business in the current market scenario. The services that are mentioned below are targeted towards those customers who use or are planning to use a Directory server based mechanism which will be the central repository for any services like Authentication, Authorization, User Management, Contact No.’s & Address Management, and a gamut of other useful purposes.

Trust-IT’s directory services include Consultancy, Directory Services Deployment, Directory Migration Services, Directory Security Implementation, Content Monitoring & Sustenance Service, Directory Server Sizing & Replication Strategy Planning, Application Integration.

Identity and Access Management (IDAM) is the comprehensive management and administration of user permissions, privileges and data which is required to bring about the true real-time enterprise. Identity management lifecycle spans creation, modification to eventual retirement of user access rights and entitlements. Trust-IT can help an organization to automate complex user management processes and to achieve:

Unified and centralized view of all user credentials

Automatic provisioning/de-provisioning of users in multiple applications, platforms and network

Delegated administration

User Self Service

Improved enterprise security

Reduced Help Desk Costs

Enhanced Productivity

Improved Regulatory

Compliance Directory Solutions

Authentication Solutions

Implementing a robust yet streamlined log management solution can significantly increase any organization’s benefits from log data, both in security and compliance as well as operational efficiency. Increase your visibility into security event and network data by monitor, correlate and analyze billions of log events per day from security and network appliances, operating systems, databases, and applications.

Computer security incident management involves the monitoring and detection of security events on a computer or computer network, and the execution of proper responses to those events.

Trust-IT can help any organization to immediately detect and response to any kind of threat before it’s too late.

Site assessment and strategic network design guidance

Appliance installation, configuration and tuning

Centralized security logs collection in real time

Integration with 3rd Party Compliance tools

Real-time Detection, Response, and Escalation of known security threats

Continuous investigation on security events

Multiple vendor security devices support; firewalls, IDS/IPS,HIPS etc

Comprehensive reporting; on-demand and scheduled

Real-time reporting and alerting for all security events.

Continuous event monitoring, analysis and archival

Customer notification of major security, health, intrusion events

Full backup and recovery of configurations

24x7x365 device monitoring

24x7x365 event monitoring, analysis, correlation, and notification

24x7x365 On-site Support in Case of Emergency

Site assessment and strategic network design guidance

Scanner installation, configuration and tuning

Integration with 3rd Party Compliance tools

Scheduled and on-demand scanning

Comprehensive reporting; on-demand and scheduled

Customer notification for vulnerabilities and patches missing

Full backup and recovery of configurations

24x7x365 device monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring, analysis, correlation, and event notification

24x7x365 On-site Support in Case of Emergency

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