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TRUST-IT’s new services offer you the potential to learn what people say about you onlineand also the ability to respond directly to negative feedback that users post about your company or the person under consideration.

TRUST-IT provides the following integrated services:

– Corporate Reputation/Image Optimization
– Celebrity Reputation/Image Optimization
– Politicians’ Reputation/Image Optimization
– Web Reputation Optimization
– SocialMediaMonitoring
– OnlineBrandManagement
– Reputation Management and Reverse Search Engine Optimization
– Data Mining and Information Gathering

Protection from Negative SEO attacks & Brand promotion in Search Engines, to boost page rank and website traffic, for specific keywords.

Protection from spam attacks, negative posts, negative comments and effective social media management practise, in order to boost online identity and direct communication with the target-market.

In an effort to adhere to customer-oriented approach in the context of sustainable development, TRUST-IT ensures the good reputation of any client and rehabilitates any “black spots” of the past that have left an indelible mark on the Internet

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