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IT department and employees realize the significance of information and their role in securing the information. In other words, what an organization needs is a well-designed and implemented training and awareness program.


TRUST-IT provides Information Security Education and Training Services, to concerned individuals and organizations, through its highly competent and professional consultants. The purpose of awareness training courses is simply to focus attention on security. TRUST-IT’s Security Awareness courses are intended to allow Users and Administrators to recognize IT security concerns and respond accordingly. TRUST-IT’s expert Training Services provide IT security courses for system administrators and users, which should address in detail the management controls, operational controls, and technical controls that should be implemented and followed accordingly.


  • Expert training on security methods that administrators should implement to help protect their company’s computer systems
  • Training on security methods that users should adopt to help protect their corporate IT systems
  • Help administrators to monitor, audit and report for the security of their entire network.
  • Users follow company’s policy about internet security in order to protect their personal computers from being infected with malicious software or being hacked.
  • Helps both the users and organizations to deploy sensible due diligence measures to protect themselves both against malicious and accidental losses.
  • Help companies build security expertise and provide just-in-time knowledge as practitioners design, build and test appliances and software.
  • Educate IT Administrators, Users & Managers to prepare, update and maintain the portfolio for Security Certifications.
  • Administrators implement methods to help protect company’s computer systems on a physical level.


TRUST-IT suggests a platform of IT Security Awareness Training which by design has taken in to consideration all the issues which derive of the methods that cybercriminals use to get unothorised access to IT infrastructures.

This training platform manages the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks and many other issues. The training platform is designed to be used by all employees of an organization who use a computer, email and internet.

Some of the main training subjects of the platform are:

• Basics of Credit Card Security
• Strong Passwords
• BEC Scam (Business E-mail Compromise)
• Handling Sensitive Information Securely
• Safe Web Browsing
• Ransomware
• E-mail Spoofing
• Social Engineering
• Social Media Best Practices
• USB Attack
• Data Classification
• Human Firewall
• Identification & User Authentication
• Malware
• Mobile Security Basics Non-Technical Security Password Basics Privacy
• Secure Online Behavior
• Call Center & Help Desk Awareness
• Phishing Awareness
• Top Ten Security Awareness Issues
• Computer Security & Data Protection Executive Awareness and Leadership
• Workplace Violence and Safety
• Active Shooter & Physical Incident Response
• Understanding Encryption and more

The platform includes special training modules specialized in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, social engineering and many other threats of IT Security.

With the IT Security Awareness Training platform all the employees / users will be trained and informed about the risks of cyberattacks.

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