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Trust-IT makes recommendations to strengthen policies, as well as redlined versions of the initial policy documents. Trust-IT can also rewrite the organization’s policies or create new ones where needed. Most policy review assignments involve a combination of policy review and new policy development.

Organizations require fluid integration of all asset information— from asset information and engineering drawings to business plans and financial plans to customer account profiles and servicing records to regulatory requirements and historical compliance documents.

Trust-IT has become an increasingly integral component for companies executing compliance strategies and requirements.

Certification Preparation for Organizations/ Businesses

TRUST-IT engineers can prepare, update and maintain a Company’s portfolio for Security Certifications.  Specifically, TRUST-IT will assess a Company’s IT systems in order to prepare the necessary Questionnaires and Statements for Certifications.

TRUST-IT can prepare a Company’s Portfolio for: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CISA (for Security Managers), CISSP (for Security Managers), EC-COUNCIL (for Security Technicians and Managers), Vendor dependent Security Certifications (CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle etc).

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