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Social engineering is targeted on divulging confidential information from people through non-technical means that will allow unauthorized access to a valued system and the information that resides on that.

The outcome of this practice can be far reaching and provide valuable information about an organization’s security posture.

Trust-IT’s social engineering service assesses the effectiveness of security awareness, training, and education programs by attempting to gain access to an organization’s systems through non-technical means.

Social engineering is a vital component of an information security appraisal as it identifies areas of weakness in an organization that cannot be handled through technical solutions such as intrusion prevention systems and firewalls.

Key findings from these checks lead organizations to enhance their information security awareness training, by addressing specific areas rather than just a generic set of messages.

Hacking without technical means

Social engineering involves deceive and/or manipulation of both internal and external organization’s employees to gain unauthorized access to a network or to sensitive data. Trust-IT by leveraging the unparalleled expertise in this field succeeds to expose what is often the weakest link in the information security mechanism, the human element.

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