Survey: Men still more than women in the field of IT Security

Gender gap is still a growing problem in IT Security world.

A woman could stop a hacker, like any man would do, though a survey which was recently released, shows that men are five times more likely to choose a career that is related to cyber security, compared to women. The research suggests that the reason could be the fact that men could possibly receive more opportunities training that will help them be successful in this field.

The survey sampled 4,000 adults 18-26 years old and was released this month, has been conducted by the cyber security company Raytheon in partnership with the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance. The sample contained adults from countries like US, Qatar, France, Poland, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

“We have our work cut out for us to encourage young adults to pursue this profession and to address the widening gender gap, particularly here in the U.S” said Jack Harrington, vice president of cybersecurity and special missions for Raytheon’s intelligence, information and services business.

52% of women surveyed said they have the impression that no IT Security training programs or other opportunities, are available to them, while 39% of men said the same. Also twice of the male respondents said they had talked with professionals in the cyber security area.

The study also highlighted gaps in American higher education: 74% of US women and 57% of US men said that schools do not provide the skills needed to pursue a career in computer science.