2 November International Day

November 2nd – International Day Against Cyberbullying

November 2nd is the International Day Against Cyberbullying, a day dedicated to raising awareness and combating the issue of cyberbullying worldwide.

2 November International Day

Cyberbullying involves using technology and the internet to harass, threaten, or intimidate others.

Here are some key points about the International Day Against Cyberbullying:

Origin of the Day: The International Day Against Cyberbullying was established with the aim of raising public awareness about cyberbullying and promoting its prevention and response.

Significance of the Day: Cyberbullying has become a serious problem, especially among young people, as technology and the internet have become integral parts of their daily lives. Cyberbullying can have serious psychological and physical consequences for its victims. It is important to pay attention to how to address this issue.

Events and Campaigns: On the International Day Against Cyberbullying, many organizations, educational institutions, and public authorities organize events and campaigns to raise awareness among the public about cyberbullying. During these events, strategies for prevention, detection, and addressing the problem are discussed.

How to Protect Yourself: A significant part of the campaign against cyberbullying involves educating young people and parents on how to protect children from cyberbullying and how to address it if it occurs. Tips for safe technology and social media usage are provided, as well as guidance on how children can recognize issues and seek help.