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Trust-IT conducts detailed inspections of application source code. During source code reviews, Trust-IT’s consultants walk through code line-by-line, looking for flaws that would allow an attacker to take control of your application, perform a denial of service attack against it, or use it to further their access on to any network.

Our specialized engineers take an overview of your application and identify vulnerabilities, flaws and exposure points that would have otherwise been out of sight.

Specialized Techniques

Trust-IT does not depend on automated tools to perform source code reviews, but various tools to improve code review projects and to provide additional layers of review. Because of the lengthy time period usually required to perform source code reviews, Trust-IT always starts a source code review project with an architecture review in order to get familiarized with the technology and be able to immediately focus on the most insecure parts of code.

We have expertise in C, C++, C#, Java™, CFML, AJAX, Python, Perl, Fortran, COBOL and PHP working within development frameworks such as J2EE and the. NET framework; developing on Win32 and UNIX platforms.

Key benefits of this solution are:

  • Greatly reduce false positives identified through alternate testing methods
  • Identify and fix flaws before they are exploited
  • Reduce development costs
  • Understand software development life cycle maturity [divider]
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