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TRUST-IT can undertake and offer to any organization or company, Information Technology (IT) consulting & Technical Services regarding any IT project which would be implemented for and on behalf of the organization or the company.

TRUST-IT can assist the Administration to decide about the best technology solutions as we always help our customers make better decisions.


  • Meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency;
  • Be unbiased, that is, delivered by a consultant acting independently from any affiliation, economic or otherwise, which may cause conflicts between the consultant’s interests and those of the client; and
  • Be proposed, awarded, and executed according to the ethical principles of the cοnsulting professions.

The consulting services that TRUST-IT can offer cover the whole functional areas of IT projects such as:

• Enterprise Service Provider
• Web and Internet Services
• Electronic Document Management
• Software Engineering
• Systems /Facilities Management and Maintenance
• Application Service Provider
• IT and Telecommunications Auditing Consulting Services
• IT Management Consulting Services
• IT Security
• Media & Training Support
• Documentation/Technical Writing

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