ransomware Duvel Moortgat

Ransomware attack on Duvel Moortgat Brewery

A ransomware attack took place on Duvel Moortgat Brewery, a well-known Belgian beer brand famous for its Duvel golden pale ale and other popular abbey beers.

The attack occurred late at night, prompting the company to halt beer production in its bottling facilities. Ellen Aarts, the communications manager, stated that automated threat detection systems detected the ransomware, leading to an immediate cessation of production. It is uncertain when production will resume, though warehouses are stocked, mitigating potential distribution impacts.

On Reddit, beer enthusiasts responded with humor and concern. Some joked about the situation being a “national emergency” and inquired about the quantity of “strategic reserves.” Others expressed worry about potential price hikes for specific Duvel beers if production downtime persists.

The text notes that the cyberattack’s impact on production is not clarified, leaving uncertainty about whether it affects all of Duvel’s facilities in Breendonk, Antwerp, Oudenaarde, and Achouffe. Despite the attack, no ransomware gangs have claimed responsibility, and there is no information regarding any data theft. While ransomware attacks often target data theft for extortion, in Duvel’s case, the primary consequence is the interruption of brewing operations.

ransomware Duvel Moortgat

In summary, the text outlines a ransomware attack on Duvel Moortgat Brewery, resulting in the cessation of beer production. It highlights the company’s response to the attack, including the activation of automated threat detection systems and the uncertainty surrounding the timeline for production restoration. Additionally, it discusses the reactions of beer enthusiasts on Reddit, ranging from humor to concern about potential price increases. The text concludes by noting the lack of clarity regarding the attack’s impact on company data and the absence of any claims of responsibility from ransomware groups.