Social networks

Social Networks: Risks and Protecting Our Security

Risks in social networks can be varied and concern the security and privacy of users.

Social networks


Some of these risks include:

Cyberbullying: Users of social networks can be victims of bullying, insults or threats from other users. This can cause psychological and emotional harm.

Leakage of Personal Information: Users may share more personal information than they should on social media, and that information can fall into the wrong hands.

Child Safety: Children and teenagers are vulnerable to cyberbullying and unwanted contact from strangers. They may also be exposed to inappropriate content.

Violation of Privacy: Social Media platforms often collect users’ personal data for advertising purposes. This data can be compromised or leaked.

Social Comparison: Social network users may develop negative feelings when they compare their lives with the photos and posts of others that may give a distorted picture of reality.

Chase Likes and Depression: The much-discussed “like chase” can lead to an addiction to validation from social networks. It can also cause increased stress and depression when users don’t get enough “likes.”

To protect yourself from these risks, it is important to be cautious about the information you share, be sensitive to cyberbullying, and manage your use of social networks responsibly.