Ukrainian hackers

Ukrainian Hackers Infiltrate Russian Defense Ministry

Ukrainian hackers, self-identified as “Cyber Resistance,” claim to have breached the Russian Ministry of Defense’s system, gaining access to a Russian monitoring system called Katyusha.

Ukrainian hackers

The group alleges obtaining internal documentation and software used by Russian military personnel, specifically mentioning Igor Konashenkov, the spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defense. Konashenkov, recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, has been a key figure in providing updates on Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. The hackers state they monitored Konashenkov’s reports on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The alleged destruction of thousands of Ukrainian armored vehicles and military equipment by Russian forces has been reported but remains unverified. The hacking group reveals that employees assess both Western and Russian media daily, categorizing them as “positive,” “negative,” or “neutral,” sending reports to Igor Konashenkov. Efforts have been made to counter unreliable military bloggers on Telegram, criticizing the war. The hackers couldn’t access the Telegram channel list.

Cyber Resistance notes information about the withdrawal of Russian troops from a critical position in southern Kherson in Ukraine, mentioned in a letter dated November 14.

The Kremlin, in the context of Putin’s extensive invasion of Ukraine, previously employed the term “regrouping” to characterize a tactical withdrawal of its forces on the battlefield. Following reports from news agencies about Russian forces regathering in the Kherson region, the Katyusha system collected Telegram posts perceived as dissenting against the defense ministry. Russia, in anticipation of Putin’s elections, is likely initiating the final phase of purging Telegram of any expressions of disloyalty to the Kremlin.