Do you want to Jailbreak Smart TV, Smartphone or Tablet?

According to “The Hacker News”, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) had won the battle of intellectual property which was related with the software of a car, allowing its owners to transform it according to their needs.

The EFF has participated in the rulemaking process administered by the Copyright Office in the United States (DMCA) and this time succeeded in many things.

For example, the Library of Congress not only allows consumers to repair and modify their car’s software, but also exempted the following restrictions:

1) Unlock device

2) Jailbreaking

3) Copy video for remix

This simply means that now anyone can:

– Extract video from DVD, or BluRay discs and online streaming services to make remixes.

– Do Jailbreaking on smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to run operating systems and applications on a third source platform.

– Adjust video games, that are no longer supported by their creator.

“We are pleased that the Copyright Office has extended these rights for users of newer products, such as tablets, portable computers and Blu-Ray discs,” says lawyer of EFF, Mitch Stoltz.

Previously, in July 2010, the Government of the United States ruled that jailbreaking Apple iPhone and Android devices was a lawful act, as long as they do not violate the copyright law.

After that, within two years, in January 2012, the US government banned Jailbreaking of smartphones.

However, this time the decision should remain in contrast with the trend that has been going on in recent years. People should have more freedom on this, so as to meet their needs in use of their devices.