Future Trends in IoT Security Technologies

The prediction of technologies available in the Internet of Things (IoT) security sector after 2024 is challenging due to the dynamic growth of the field.


However, some trends and technologies are likely to have a significant impact.

These trends include:

Blockchain for Security: Blockchain technology has the capability to provide security in the IoT sector by ensuring data integrity and device identification.

Artificial Intelligence for Threat Detection: Artificial Intelligence can be used to detect anomalies in the behavior of IoT devices, aiding in the identification of potential threats and breaches.

Extended Protection against DDoS Attacks: DDoS attacks can threaten connected IoT devices. Technologies offering protection against these types of attacks become crucial.

Self-Adaptive Security Systems: Systems that can automatically recognize and adapt to new threats will become increasingly important.

Quantum Cryptography: Quantum cryptography provides a high level of security for communications between these devices, addressing challenges posed by classical encryption methods.

Secure Communication Protocols: The evolution and use of secure communication protocols, such as MQTT, are vital to ensuring secure communication between devices.

These technologies represent some of the possible directions that IoT security may take. However, it is always important to monitor developments in the field for the latest innovations.