Navigating the Complex Relationship with Internet in Our Modern World

Internet has penetrated our lives and has changed the way we communicate, work, enjoy, and get informed. Although technological progress and continuous connection to this have brought many benefits, they have also triggered a burdensome interaction with it.


Continuous Connection: Being constantly connected to the internet 24/7 creates the need to always be available, while simultaneously creating emotional pressure and insecurity when we do not respond immediately.

Social Networks: The desire for “likes” and affirmations from social networks can create competition and anxiety about how others perceive our lives.

Digital Addiction: Constant use of the internet, especially on social networks, games, and videos, can lead to addiction, affecting our psychological state.

News and Information: Constant monitoring of news and social posts can cause tension and anxiety about events happening in the world.

Personal Privacy: The constant data collection and monitoring by tech companies raise concerns about personal privacy.

How can one manage this unpleasant situation?

Healthy Use: It is important to set boundaries for the use of the internet and to use it responsibly.

Digital Detox: Set periods of abstinence from the internet to rest and regain your inner balance.

Conscious Use: Realize when the internet creates anxiety habits and try to replace them with more positive activities.

In the digital world, balance is key. While technology offers endless possibilities, it is important to realize the potential risks and use the internet responsibly. A healthy, conscious, and balanced approach to our digital life can lead to a more content and peaceful daily life.