Top 5 security applications for iOS

Many mobile applications serve different purposes. As our needs grow and change, so will new applications. For many users mobile security is very important and they are seeking various applications that will serve this purpose. Here we present 5 mobile apps suitable for iOS, which help users securely manage their data in mobile devices.

1) Snap

In case you are concerned if someone uses your wireless network without your permission, this application is suitable for you. Snap scans the network to which you have connected your mobile device and detects what other machines are connected. The results returned on your screen include the manufacturer of the device and the type of the device or any other relevant information. The application can detect any unwanted users and those using public network. The Snap costs $ 1.99 in the App Store.

2)  SplashID

SplashID has been designated for iPhone. It uses 256-bit encryption to store sensitive data like passwords, but also allows to store and other important data. Data such as credit card numbers and many more can be stored safely through SplashID. Other features are the anti-phishing icons to direct users to the correct site, and a tab that shows you which files you access more frequently. The application costs $ 9.99, but for the additional security it offers is worth the effort.

3) Viewer for Axis Cams

Viewer is for those who use Axis cameras. The application provides users with great security, regardless of where they are. Viewer can support from one camera up to a hundred, if you have multiple. This tool allows you to edit the settings in a camera, and also provides alerts when a camera is deactivated. The application is available for $ 4.99 at the App Store.

4) iPortScan

iPortScan allows administrators to check a system to see what services are listening in. Specifically, it performs a quick port scan that can be done from any mobile broadband connection. With the scan results, administrators can be sure that nothing is “open” in the system, unless it should be. The application costs $ 1.99 from the App Store and its creators claim that it is necessary for a security specialist.

5) Wyse PocketCloud

PocketCloud provides security in many ways. The application is used for remote access to a computer running Windows or Mac, from any iOS device. This allows security experts to access network resources located on their computer, which are not available in iOS. Even from a user’s perspective, PocketCloud enables users to remotely access their computer to access files. All connections are made via SSL for more security. This will allow users to assure that nobody has access to their computer and securely perform any functions. The application costs $ 14.99, but those who buy it will surely appreciate it.

Because the functions of these applications vary considerably, some of them will surely fit your needs. You can just try them and see what works best for you. Turn your iOS device into a mobile security system.